ZIMS is one of the leading security companies of Pakistan. Our security alarm system comprises of State-of-The-Art security alarm kits, which have been imported from the UK. The software used by ZIMS has also been developed by one of the most renowned companies in the US.

We are always here for your security

Why we ?

  • We believe that delivering the highest quality solutions and doing the best job for our customer’s everyday is what makes the difference. We serve our customers by responding to their needs and their expectations. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond our products, supplies and services – it is in borne in us for everything we do. We want to earn the place and the right to be our customer’s Choice.
  • We carefully develop solutions for required applications. Our central monitoring station staff and response force is fully trained to meet our customer’s need in case of acute emergency. We only deploy the best technology, reliability and employ the best people to deliver the most effective solutions for your security needs.
  • We strongly believe in ethics and its values – our values guide in the workings of our business, our living, our dealing with customers, employees and clients alike, and they ensure that we stay on track. We honor and hold ourselves accountable for the commitments we make.
  • We believe in the highest standards of individual and organizational integrity. Integrity drives us to do the right thing, to do right by our people for our customers, clients and other stakeholders. Doing the right thing is always a fundamental part of our daily living.