Armed / Unarmed Guards

ZIM’S Security has more than 21 years of experience in supplying uniformed security guards. We have done so, from the seashores of Karachi, to the heights of the Northern regions of Pakistan. Our expertise in providing experienced security personnel is unparalleled, and is the foundation of our business.
Our uniformed guards are well trained, vigilant and professionally attired. Every day thousands of our uniformed Personnel perform a variety of duties across Pakistan, to help secure environments for thousands of clients.
Because ZIMS Security is a client-focused organization, we thoroughly screen and train our officers and direct our internal resources so that, all of our managers and supervisory personnel provide a level of service that directly responds to our clients’ expectations.
At ZIMS, we are proud to have built a strong workforce of dedicated and professional security personnel that are committed to achieving the industry’s best performance standards.

Armed Security Guards

Given the situation of the country, deploying armed security guards is the need of the day for your business. Let us work together to determine how to provide optimum security solutions for your people and your property.
Based on our security need analysis, well-trained armed guards with Military backgrounds will be assigned to your location, to ensure that your security needs are met to your satisfaction.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are mostly deployed at search points to check vehicles, visitors and employees, but they are covered and backed by Armed security Guards. Our management team will work with you to determine which type or combination of security guards best suit your organisation’s security needs.