ZIMS HRS BPO Department caters to businesses, which need to outsource non-core tasks that can be performed more efficiently and cost effectively by an external partner. These tasks include payroll processing, benefits and tax administration, workforce and data management and background screening etc. By doing so, ZIMS HRS helps clients achieve high performance by reducing costs and improving workforce and business performance. The approach of Zims addresses client’s business strategies, drives
 talent acquisition and development, and supports the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment through to retirement.

Payroll Processing, Benefits and Tax administration
Our Payroll Management service can successfully manage your payroll and ensure that payroll tax, benefits and other statutory obligations are timely fulfilled. By doing so, employers can reduce expenses and allocate resources for other strategic activities. At the same time, employers can also avoid getting penalized and fined for non-compliance of their legal obligations. This is because, we make sure that we are up-to-date with changing rules and regulations, and also current with governmental deadlines, to give our clients the best possible service.
We timely evaluate and deposit payroll tax, and also file returns for our clients. Additionally, we also deal with queries submitted by tax agencies etc. As far as employee benefits are concerned, some of the benefits we manage are Health and Life Insurance, Social Security, Provident Fund, Gratuity and EOBI etc. Our clients can conveniently update their payroll data in any one of the three methods namely, fax, email and online. Accordingly, salaries, benefits and statutory payments are processed and employees are given pay slips. Employees can therefore raise any queries with our customer services department if for instance, they feel that the break down of their salaries is incorrect (employees can access their data at any given time) etc. Reporting is conducted as per the client’s convenience.

Workforce and Data management
ZIMS HRS’s comprehensive capabilities deliver efficient, cost-effective HR back-office and transaction services ranging from high-volume HR transactions (such as promotions and terminations) to data management and data recording. Our solutions are tailored to our client’s specific requirements and help them in making the best possible decisions with regards to their organization.
We maintain employee records from the date of their joining, to the date of their termination of contract and even afterwards, if the client so wishes. We also have mechanisms to keep track of their performance and attendance. Their changing salaries and pay grades are also documented for our convenience and the employers benefit. The employee can access information regarding his or her package at anytime. More so, they get their pay slips at the end of each month, which sufficiently gives them most of this information in hard copy.

Background screening
Background screening of prospective employees, is one of the most tedious but significant tasks in recruiting them. ZIMS HRS provides a wide-ranging selection of background checks, such as verification of educational certificate, verification of professional license, verification of previous employees, verification of any criminal record and any address verification etc.