Performance management-hrs

ZIMS HRS has a very straightforward approach when it comes to performance management. It is to enable organizations to achieve sustainable growth by taking diverse measures at the same time, depending upon the needs and requirements of the organization in focus. These measures include:

– Stimulating the impact on resources, costs, profitability and growth, with the introduction of a new initiative, such as the introduction of a new service, outsourcing of certain functions or process improvements etc.

– Defining and assessing the performance of the staff and by aligning the results of the workforce performance with remuneration

– Increasing the efficiency and frequency of your reporting processes

– Improving the reliability of prospective information, including budgets and rolling forecasts

– Undertaking Training and development activities that correspond to the needs of the organization and needs of staff

– Allocating resources to prioritized initiatives and critical-path activities.

– Organizing activates that enhance teamwork and cooperation between employees.

– Clearly marking responsibilities within the concerned organization.