Employers can greatly benefit from outsourcing or transferring all or part of their recruitment activities to ZIMS HRS Recruiting department. By doing so, employers can achieve greater organizational flexibility, improved efficiency and reduced costs. This is because, when a business downturn hits and recruiting needs suddenly drop, so does a company’s need for recruiting staff. Likewise, when the business is expanding into another product category, recruiting needs may suddenly spike. More so, time is money and hiring new professional level employees takes a lot of both.

The service provided by ZIMS HRS is a one-stop solution for several HR procedures undertaken by companies in their recruitment process, and the subsequent management of their employees. ZIMS HRS recruits, hires, trains, and places a workforce as per client specifications. Moreover, ZIMS HRS maintains the outsourced staffs’ employment records, salary and benefits management, promotions and increments, regulatory and statutory requirements and all disciplinary and performance related matters.

Our methodology of recruiting employees is tailor-made to suit our client’s needs. We take into account factors such as, the nature of your business, the culture of the industry and the detailed requirements of a specific position, in order to develop the most appropriate strategy to recruit talent for your organization. Essentially, we have two approaches of recruiting talent, one for executive placements, and the other for all other types of other placements. We take the following approaches:

Executive placements:
  • We take a more “headhunt” approach by personally and confidentially engaging our contacts to identify candidates prepared to meet your needs.
  • We then approach the best-qualified candidates personally and interview them.
  • Accordingly, we assess the candidate’s full range of capabilities, personal tendencies, and behavioral characteristics to evaluate how smoothly they would integrate into your organization and culture.
  • The candidates we approve are then presented to our clients for further interviews.
  • If successful, the candidate is given an offer

Other placements:
  • In this approach, we launch a search campaign to reach a wide market of talent.
  • We use different forums to attract talent, such as advertising on the Internet, advertising in local newspapers, or simply, informing our wide network of contacts to refer suitable candidates to us.
  • We also have a web portal, which is available at On this portal, candidates can post their CVs and include themselves in our prescreened pool of candidates.
  • We have the capacity to provide candidates in all the sectors of the country, such as the oil and gas sector, telecommunications sector, banking sector and other financial sectors, engineering and textile sectors etc.
  • We can also provide candidates, having expertise in various fields such as accounting, finance, information technology, marketing, law, manufacturing and human resource etc.