Training & development-hrs

ZIMS HRS offers customized training and development programs to corporate clients. To begin with, we assess the needs and requirements of each client. There onwards, we recommend the most suitable training and development courses to them, which will help the concerned organizations to create value through high quality business expertise and superior productivity.

By choosing ZIMS HRS, clients get the benefit of improving the time-to-market, getting access to special skills and enhancing organizational effectiveness. We offer the following range of training courses to our valued clients:

  • General management courses that deal with administrative skills, presentation skills, e-mail communication skills, business communication skills, business proposal writing skills, negotiation skills, marketing skills, leaderships skills and customers services skills etc.
  • Safety and security courses that deal with health and safety awareness and its auditing skills, industrial hygiene management skills, security threat assessment skills and risk analysis skills etc.
  • IT courses that deal with basic and advance Microsoft excel skills, financial modeling in Excel skills, MS PowerPoint skills and MS Office skills etc.

Technical training courses that deal with project management skills, supply and demand planning skills, plant maintenance skills, inventory management skills and quality management skills etc.